Don't Dread Dealing with Storm Damages

Often times, insurance adjusters will question the severity of the damage to a homeowner’s roof after a storm because the damage is difficult to detect. Even if your loss is legitimate, disputing damages with your insurance company can be an agonizing process. Despite the difficulty of handling the insurance claim process, there are steps which can greatly increase the likelihood of your claim being approved. Don’t dread dealing with storm damages any longer. Just follow our simple five step guide and get your claim approved! 

5 Step Guide to Getting Your Storm Damages Claim Approved:

  • Secure the Property - To avoid further loss, some of which may not be covered by your insurance, it is best to secure your property after significant storm damage. Do not risk your safety in doing so!
  • Contact a Reputable Roofing Company - A trustworthy roofing company can be your greatest asset when trying to work with your insurance company. Their administrative staff should have the knowledge and resources needed to assist you with the insurance claim process.
  • Have Them Perform an Inspection - Having the damage to your roof properly marked and documented by a reputable roofing company prior to your insurance adjuster’s inspection can greatly increase the chance of your claim being approved.
  • Contact the Insurance Company - After your roofing company has inspected the damages to your property, ask their assistance in filing the insurance claim. They should be able to work with your insurance adjuster which will further increase your chance of having your claim approved. Even though most insurance companies allow up to 1 year for making a claim, it is best to file a claim soon after the damage occurred. This is especially true for storms which affect large geographic areas.
  • Approval -Once your claim is approved, your insurance company will send two checks. Generally, when the first check arrives your roofing company can begin work. If your claim is denied, your roofing company should be able to assist you with the appeal process.
Please note that all insurance companies handle storm damage claims differently. It is best to become familiar with you insurance company’s policies and procedures to ensure your claim is approved. Insurance companies and their adjusters have the final say in approving or denying a claim, however an experienced roofing company and quality inspection can greatly increase the chance of approval.

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