Energy Efficient Options for Your Omaha Home

Upgrading your home can be an investment into your style and comfort, but did you know it can be a financial investment, as well? By choosing more energy efficient, or ‘green,’ materials you can save money while also improving the health of the planet. The products that have the most impact on your energy consumption include windows, siding, and roofing materials. Here is a breakdown of how each product affects your carbon footprint. 


Vinyl siding is a key component in creating an energy efficient home. The siding acts as an insulator, restricting air flow and heat transfer. A common place for heat transfer to occur is in uninsulated sections of the home’s wooden frame. Vinyl siding is an effective way to block air-flow, and by adding thermal insulation in between your siding and the frame of your home you can save a significant amount of energy.


Another excellent way to conserve energy and keep your heating and cooling bills down to a minimum is by installing new windows. A common source of heat transfer is cracks and gaps in old window frames. Additionally, replacing windows with a single pane of glass with more modern two-paned windows can conserve energy in a number of ways. Often, newer glass, particularly products with an Energy Star rating, will contain an invisible coating of a UV blocking substance, which prevents excessive sunlight from warming your home and forcing your air conditioner to work that much harder.

Roofing Material

Depending on your local climate, the materials used to construct your roof can have a huge impact on your energy costs. For hot climates, metal roofing is optimal, as it reflects the most sunlight, preventing heat from drawing into the house. For colder climates, you should consider dark asphalt tiles, or something more heavy duty, like slate or tiles.


Whether you’re talking about siding, roofing, or windows, there are always additional insulation options. Insulation is an important factor in conserving energy and creating a green home. Insulation should be included when installing any new siding, roofing, or windows.
For quality home products and services, contact the experts at Universal Roofing. We provide the greater Omaha, Nebraksa area with energy efficient siding, roofing, windows, insulation and more -- all installed by certified technicians. Don’t waste another dime on your energy bills and start your path towards green living today!

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