Roofing Repairs and Insurance Claims

Seeing your home damaged by a natural disaster can be overwhelming. Dealing with any kind of insurance claim on your roof may seem like a stressful, daunting task without enlisting a good roofing company’s services to help you. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your well-being while working with an insurance company’s adjustor is to find an experienced and honest roofing contractor.
A trustworthy roofing company will go out of their way to come to your home to evaluate the extent of the damage and give you a free estimate. If there is enough damage to warrant filing a claim with your insurance company, the roofing contractor will take these steps for you. The next step involves the insurance company sending an adjustor to confirm the extent of the damage. Using a program called Xactimate, they will determine the cost for both the labor and materials. Though accuracy with this program is normally very good, it is still important to have a contractor able to confirm the resulting pricing.
You need to find a contractor able to make this process pain-free and help you along every single step of the way. Experience can go a long way. It’s important you find a professional roofing contractor who has the ability to completely check your roof for any damage that may have occurred, rather than a contractor who puts forth lackluster effort, and may actually miss critical repairs that may end up costing more to repair down the road. Make sure your roofing contractor is well-versed in dealing with insurance companies so that you receive the proper service you need.
Adjusters are not omnipotent. It’s very possible for them to miss certain items, or be unaware of specific local codes that they might not be familiar with, so having a local professional roofing contractor with experience in the field can be an integral part of the process. It is imperative both for the sake of cost, and your well-being, that you find a roofing contractor who understands your needs and can help you make informed decisions with your best interests in mind.
Universal Roofing’s team of roofers will meet your expectations and more. Our experience in dealing with roofing damage, repairing it, and dealing with insurance companies means we will get the job done the right way. With customer service being our top priority, we pride ourselves on each and every one of our customers’ personal satisfaction in this stressful process. If you need a top quality roofing contractor, contact us today.

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