The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

Fall is on the horizon and you can look forward to beautiful arrays of colorful leaves brightening up your neighborhood. Unfortunately, this means that you can also look forward to dealing with dead leaves cluttering your roof and yard. Cleaning gutters is not often on a homeowners to-do list, but it’s a task that shouldn’t be overlooked. Allowing a buildup of debris in your gutter system exposes your home to potential damage and costly repairs.
Clogged gutters result in more than just annoying waterfalls and dangerous icicles, it can result in thousands of dollars with of home and roof repairs. Allowing excess water to drain down the exterior walls of your home can damage paint and siding. It also prevents the water from being drained away from the foundation of your home, which can compromise its integrity and lead to rot.
When leaves are allowed to remain in your gutter for extended periods of time they will inevitably soak up water and significantly increase in weight. This places a significant strain on your gutters and the brackets that hold them in place. Not only can this result in the need to repair or replace your gutters, it can lead to them falling off of your home, causing significant damage. Nothing is worse than having your windows or siding break right at the onset of winter.
Another concern that shouldn’t be underestimated is the potential for ice-damming. This occurs when water that is unable to drain from a clogged gutter system freezes and backs up against the roof structure. The ice will expand and force its way under your roof’s shingles, which will destroy wood and cause leaks.
If you’re not excited about the prospect of having to regularly clean the leaves from your gutter system there is another solution for protecting the integrity of your home. Gutter guard protection systems utilize scientific water adhesion technology to prevent debris from entering your gutter system, allowing you to rest easy knowing your home is protected.
Don’t spend your free time this fall scooping out your gutters. Upgrade your system with gutter guard protection from Universal Roofing today!

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