Winter is quickly approaching, and one of the most important things you can do is to prepare your furnace. Ensure your loved ones and home's safety by making sure your furnace is operating safely and as energy efficient as possible. Don’t wait until it’s cold to discover there is a problem with the furnace. You can hire a professional to check and provide maintenance to the furnace, or if you’re a “do it yourself” type, here are the steps to take.

Filter – Replace the filter and as part of regular maintenance, replace it each month. Most filters are easily replaced by pulling out the old one and fitting the new one into the filter slot according to the arrows on the frame. Consider a pleated HEPA or an electrostatic filter to improve energy efficiency and air quality.
Cleaning – The air vents and ducts gather dust and debris, making it necessary to clean them at least once a year. Most vent covers are removed with a screwdriver, and then use a vacuum extension to remove dirt, dust, and debris.
Clear the Way – While you are cleaning the air vents, remove any furniture, boxes, or other clutter that may have gathered over the warm months. You want to make sure the warm air is able to flow in properly.
Exhaust Flue – Go outside and inspect the exhaust flue to ensure there are no obstructions from animal nests, branches, or anything else that might block the exhaust.
Furnace – Turn the furnace power off at the breaker, remove the steel cover for the air handler, and inspect the blower belt (large rubber belt) for any cracks. Replace it if it’s cracked. Remove any clutter that has gathered around the furnace.
Thermostat – Set the thermostat, so it will set-back and lower the temperature while you are asleep or away from home to help lower heating costs.

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