Your HVAC unit connects to every room of your home and deposits air into your home all day. Though your HVAC unit is going to circulate air, having a dirty filter can do a few things that will shorten the life of your unit and contaminate the air in your home.

The first reason to change your filters often is an obvious one. Without clean filters, the air that is being pumped throughout your home is going to be filled with dust and debris. This can lead to increased allergies, difficulty breathing, and trouble with your overall health. Clean filters can take pollutants and pollen from your air making for clean and safe breathing air that will make you feel wonderful.

Another reason to change your filters often is to keep your HVAC unit functioning properly. Much like polluted lungs or lungs that are full of mucus make it hard to breathe, a dirty filter makes it difficult for your HVAC unit to function properly. It makes it harder for air to be pumped into your home and makes it harder for your unit to heat and cool your home.

Still another reason that you should change your filters regularly is that dirty filters pose a fire hazard. Much like a dirty lint trap in your dryer makes for a fire hazard, so does a dirty HVAC filter. The lint and debris that collects on the filter is highly flammable and if there is any issue with your filter you might be at an increased risk for fire. You should make sure you change filters regularly and clean out ducts to remove any debris that might be a fire hazard.

With a clean filter, you can have cleaner air that is going to be safe to breathe and that is going to make you feel better and breathe easier. A clean filter will also make your HVAC unit run smoother and run with less trouble which will extend the life of your HVAC unit. Also, a clean filter will make your home safer which is a plus no matter how you look at it.

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