Omaha Storm Damage Repair & Insurance Claims

Storm Damage Roof Repair & Insurance Claims in Omaha, NE - 1stormWhen you need roof insurance claim help in Omaha, turn to the experts at Universal Roofing.

The most challenging aspect of replacing your roof after storm damage is dealing with your homeowner’s insurance claim. At Universal Roofing, our professional administrative staff is experienced in the insurance claim processes of major homeowner insurance companies and will step-in to assist you with that confusing and sometimes adversarial roof replacement claim process.

The Way an Insurance Claim is Handled Does Make a Difference

Our goal is to help simplify the process and walk you through the steps necessary to replace your storm damaged roof.

  • Contact Universal Roofing: We’ll assign you a personal account manager to come to your home or commercial site to assist with all insurance claim paperwork and negotiations. Your account manager will explain your particular homeowner insurance claims process to you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Your account manager will coordinate the inspection with your adjuster and make sure that he or she is present at the first evaluation of your roof.
  • Universal Roofing will negotiate with your insurance company to make sure all storm damaged items are covered according to your policy.
  • An agreement is reached with your insurance company and work can begin on your roof, siding and windows to make your home look new again.

Storm Damage Roof Repair & Insurance Claims in Omaha, NE - wind-and-hail-roof-damage-inspection-and-repairFree Roof Hail and Wind Inspection in Omaha

If you’re concerned about your roof, just call us for your free inspection.

If we find storm damage such as hail or high wind loss, we can begin the process of getting a replacement roof for you. We always recommend looking into insurance coverage first if the damage we see looks like it may be part of the terms of your homeowner’s policy. We can sit with you for a few minutes and help you report the damage and open a claim. That means that your insurer will send someone out to meet your team to look at the evidence.

Only your insurance company can decide if you have sufficient damage to your roof to merit “Storm Certification.” We can show them what we suspect is serious storm damage, and urge them to count every item of damage and destruction. But it is the insurer and their adjusters on your roof who have been specifically trained to pass judgment on property loss.

If your roof is certified as storm damaged, the insurer will issue a report and begin to make payments toward the repair and/or replacement. With the first deposit, and your color selection of the new shingles, we can schedule your project very soon after we complete the work order.

In the event the insurer declines your roof for replacement, we can still provide you with complete pricing for a new roof. You will receive the same top-quality job that our insurance projects secure with top products and a healthy warranty.

How to File a Roof Damage Claim

Storm damage is not only unexpected, but an extremely stressful process to go through. When you're dealing with storm damage, your top priority will be getting the damage repaired and making your home livable once again. The majority of homeowner's insurance policies cover storm damage, so it is simply a matter of filing the claim correctly. The faster that you follow these steps, the more quickly you can get your home back in tip-top shape again. Read More...

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